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Here you will find information on the FACTS payment program, our Parent/Student Handbook, as well as our Health Policy, Emergency Plan, & Child Care Monitoring Compliance Checklist.  All this information, and more is availble in the Office for  your review.

  • As we prepare for the upcoming school year we continue to make efforts at improving the content and quality of our programs while increasing the efficiency in the office.

    The stability of our school and the quality of its programs are of the utmost importance, and after much research and investigation.  To this end we have again contracted with FACTS Management Company to help us manage our tuition payment program.  FACTS is used by over 6,500 schools nationally. We are excited to be working with them and are confident this program will lead to greater financial stability for the school. We also believe that FACTS provides an easy and secure method of payment for our families.

    Please note the following advantages in using the FACTS system for tuition payment handling.

    • Convenient online payment plan sign-up
    • Maintain your demographic and financial account information online
    • Receive e-mail payment reminders before your payment is due
    • Increased affordability
    • Online Tuition Payments (if applicable)
    • Multiple payment options
    • Web-based interface for account viewing

    Please follow this link to get set up on FACTS:

    Parents do have the ability to bypass FACTS by paying the entire years tuition prior to August 22, 2016.  Those who do so will receive a 3% tuition reduction.

    As always, we thank you for your continued loyalty to the Orchards Childcare and Preschool and for your support in our efforts to fulfill the mission of exemplary private education for our students.

    For a Print Only version of this letter <Click Here>

  • Parent/student handbook

    Here you can download our 2019-2020 student handbook to review.

  • If disaster was to strike our community and you were not able to get to your children at our school, we would like them to have some little supplies and comforts from you. Listed in this letter are some suggested items.  Thank you so much for your cooperation. We would really like to have these collected by the end of September.

  • A Copy of the Orchards Health Policy is availble to view in the office.

  • A copy of the Orchards Childcare and Preschool Child Care Monitoring Compliance Checklist is availble in the office to view

  • A copy of the Orchards Childcare and Preschool License is availble to view in the office.